The Monastery Tam Bao Son

1990 - 2000

                                                                                                    Vietnamese - French   

This monastery has been established since 1990 after the construction some holy places of Buddha are started. All Buddhist Sangha (monks and nuns) here include all ages and have completed secondary 5. From the beginning up to now, there are more than 20 monks and some were appointed abbot and spiritual leader of many other Temples.

The Sangha's activities:

Monks /nuns must follow some classes in the school of this monastery in the summer and spring. They guide all Buddhists who visit and want to pay their respect to Buddha in every sacred place. Monks/nuns also lead weekly ceremonies and give sermons to everyone. They plant vegetables, fruits to survive themselves.

In fall and winter, monks/nuns must use all their times to study and to practice whatever they are learning. All classes are taught by the most Venerable Thich Thien Nghiị Monks/nuns study Buddhist scriptures in 4 languages: Chinese, English, French and Vietnamese. They chant sutra (Buddhist scriptures) in early morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. They also have daily confession for themselves.
This monastery accept everybody who wants to be like monks/nuns without discrimination of nation, race, because our purpose is to encourage and to train one who will become a good spiritual leader in the future to preach Buddha's teaching among Buddhist communities.


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