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The direction go to the Tam Bao Son Monastery from Ottawa or from Hull-Ottawa(about 136 km)

1- From Hull-Ottawa to the cross-road to go to Kilmar is about 100 km

          -from Hull take highway 50 East

          -at the Mason from 50 East take highway 148 East

          -pass Montebello

          -pass the bridge of Rouge River (Rivière Rouge)

          -turn left at the cross-road to go to Kilmar

-about 18 km, turn left again at the other cross-road to go to Aveno

  -after 3 km, turn right and continue to go about 15 km (during 15 km you will pass the greenhouse of Avenor and from the greenhouse to the Temple is about 7 km)

2 - From Ottawa, you must pass the bridge to go to Hull-Ottawa and follow the direction as above.


Directions from Montreal to the Monastery is about 120 km (1h30min)

 1 - From Montreal to St Sauveur /Morin Height (115 km)

          - highway 15 North

          - exit 60

  - at the cross-road turn left to pass the small bridge, and turn right at the corner by taking the Autoroute 364 West

  - pass many villages as: St- Sauveur, Morin- Height, Lacs seize Iles, Weir., continue 364 West until to see the cross- road. At this cross road  you will see the small store selling ice-cream and French-fries, turn right on the Autoroute 364 West and continue to go

  - when you arrive Arundel village, you will see another cross-road. At this cross road ,on your left side you will see the garage M.Boyer. In front of this garage there is the road name LA CHEMIN DE LA ROUGE, take this road to go to the Monastery (from this garage to the Monastery is about 7 km).

 2 - From Montreal to St-Jovite  is about 50 km ( 2 hours)

  - highway 15 North to St-Jérôme, St-Agathe Des Monts.  Then Highway 15 North becomes 117 North

  -  Continue on 117 North about 25 km from St-Agathe to St-Jovite, until you will enter the small exit to arrive the Motel Comfort Inn

  - follow the road in front of this motel about 1 km, you will see the cross road , turn left and follow 327 South to go to Arundel Village

  - at the Arundel Village , you will pass Petro Canada and arrive the Cross-Road of 364 East and 327 South. At this cross-road, you will see the garage M.Boyer. Turn right to follow Chemin De La Rouge in front of the garage to go to the Monastery (about 7 km from this point)

 3 - From Toronto

  - highway 401 East

  - to Highway 15 North to St Jérôme. Then you can choose either direction of A or the direction of B above to go to the Monastery.

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